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Positive leadership

Become a Positive Leader & Coach for active teams and committed employees who look forward to their job on Sunday and Wednesday.​

Strengthening strengths allows for growth!

Positive leaders create a work environment in which employees develop and go the extra mile.”

"Positive leadership recognizes and uses individual strengths."

"Positive leadership has been proven to reduce stress and burnout, promote health, job satisfaction and performance."


Create positive leaders with the PERMA-Lead® leadership style

  • P-Positive Emotions

  • E-Engagement

  • R-Relationships

  • M meaning

  • A Accomplisment

and thus the basis for satisfied, healthy employees,

a positive climate for customers who come and stay!


Waiting for what?

You too can lead positive leadership with PERMA-Lead®

as a successful leadership culture!

Who is our offer interesting for:

People in the company who are curious and courageous. Those who became aware early on of the urgency of making the necessary change of direction well-equipped. (Opinion) leaders who have visions that they want to achieve with their employees. Positive leaders who regularly reflect on and optimize their attitude and behavior. Those who are looking for satisfied employees & Place customers!

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Positive leadership journeys

II. Leadership IS fun

Half-year support with specialist experts

1. Short interviews with all participants --> Briefing of expectations, requirements, practice cases (online)

2. Kick-off event (face-to-face) - Introduction to Positive Leadership Perma-Lead & Preview the modules

3. Modules* (online 4 hours / face-to-face 1 day + knowledge nuggets, practical learning before and after the respective module)

  • Module:“Your strengths in focus” - Deep dive Positive Leadership PERMA-Lead®

  • Module:"The brain leads" - Brain-friendly leadership according to Vera F. Birkenbihl

  • Module:“Precisely or with a comma” - Presenting & Communicate

  • Module:"Agility & Stability" - Lead agilely and create stability

  • Module:"From A, for age-appropriate, to D for diversity, to Z for generation Z" - Cultural & Generation management

  • Module:"Xundheit, instead of stress & burnout" - Lead healthily

  • Module:"Let's work with a smile" - Lead with humor

*can also be booked individually

I. Positive Leadership - PERMA-Lead®

Quarterly support

  • Short interviews with all participants --> Briefing of expectations, requirements (online)

1st module (1 day of attendance)

  • Introduction to Positive Leadership PERMA-Lead®

2nd module (online 2 coaching units per FK)

  • Profiler survey + evaluation

  • Analysis conversation

  • Advisory coaching

3rd module (1 day of attendance)

  • Exchange of personal insights & Experiences


  • 360° feedback leadership & Management skills -
    Online questionnaire for self-assessment & External image + evaluation coaching

  • Leadership & Organizational culture - analysis + strategy meeting

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Sustainable and transfer effectiveness are longer-term accompaniments, around new habits to install and behaviors to change. Please feel free to get in touch and we'll take a look together. What specifically for you or your team now makes sense.

Thanks for your notice!

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