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Gruppe Seflie

Team buildings

Get to know each other better? Strengthening time out? Responsibilities & clarify tasks? Define goals? Fun & Action? Or a combination of all of these, outside of everyday work? The learning journey with your team starts with the briefing conversation and asking the participants about their expectations. This is how we work needs & goal-oriented and know from experience that team building becomes an unforgettable, strengthening experience for everyone.



Balancing act - communication

Misunderstandings that lead to conflicts... Ambiguities that absolutely need to be expressed and eliminated... Understanding, appreciation and acceptance that can be lived... We turn the knot into a rope that everyone pulls together!


Values - goals - measures

Kanban, Lego Serious Play, 3D-world method, we build in what suits your team and offer them the added value they need.




An exciting trip to Farawayistan involves many tasks that the team has to accomplish together. Excitement, games and fun when doing things together are guaranteed! 



Interaction, movement for body, mind and soul make the time together a joyful, educational and entertaining experience.


Request a quote

Sustainable and transfer effectiveness are longer-term accompaniments, around new habits to install and behaviors to change. Please feel free to get in touch and we'll take a look together. What specifically for you or your team now makes sense.

Thanks for your notice!

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