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Transfer effectiveness - transfer design

It's an open secret in HRD circles:

Only 20% of what is learned in training is actually applied in practice.

This is what matters to us as consultants & There are definitely not enough transfer designers.


That's why all of our services are designed to be transfer effective*. We also offer Transfer Fast Track to L&D's and everyone who wants to purchase, offer or carry out transfer-effective training courses.



*Institute for Transfer Effectiveness - Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

From now on
be transfer effective

Transfer-effective support

Selective training is a thing of the past. The transfer must begin much earlier and end well after the seminar, training or coaching. Because only then will what has been learned, heard & Experiences anchor long-term changes in attitude and behavior. That's why our services are designed as long-term support.

Transfer Fast Track

That's what you say after ours
Live (online) workshop
  • I know what the success of the transfer depends on and how I can control it​.
  • I have over 50 best practice tool ideas that I can use to increase the effectiveness of training.

  • I have a tool that allows me to easily manage my internal & external clients for transfer measures.​

  • I can now start immediately to make my training even more effective.​

12 adjusting levers

What makes training effective? What does transfer success depend on? Transfer researchers have been working on this question for more than 100 years. Your results are amazing. They show: transfer success can be controlled - with the 12 levers of transfer effectiveness®.

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