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Dagmar Popp

Academic communicator & Anthropologist, PERMA lead consultant - focus:

Positive Leadership, Team Buildings & Business coaching

I, Dagmar Popp, was born and grew up in the Netherlands surrounded by many different cultures and languages. It has always been my aim to understand my fellow human beings, but also to support and bring them together in their different communication with a lot of joy, the necessary dash of humor and empathy.

As a journalist, editor and most recently head of communications, I was able to acquire a great deal of professional knowledge as a manager and gain a lot of life experience.

Now I feel completely in my element: As a consultant & Coach for executives as well as trainer & Facilitator at team buildings. But also, as a "bridge builder" between cultures and generations - in short, as a consultant for organizations & Companies in important change processes and personality-building measures.

I do all of this with empathy, great passion, a lot of joy, humor and my diverse (professional) knowledge!

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